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About us

 Pawsitive K9 Behaviour

Hannah started her business in 2015 in Darwin to provide dog training and behaviour programs. Initially, the company started as a mobile service, offering personalized training and behaviour consultations in the comfort of clients’ homes. As the demand for our services grew, Pawsitive K9 Behaviour expanded to include small group classes, allowing dog caregivers to socialize with their dogs while receiving professional guidance. These group classes have been popular for years and are held at various locations.

Throughout the last 8 year of running her Business Hannah has remained committed to helping as many dogs and people as possible. Through her mobile services, group classes, workshops, and collaborations with the RSPCA DARWIN GRANT, Darwin & Palmerston Councils to name a few. Pawsitive K9 Behaviour has built a reputation for providing professional and compassionate support to dog and caregivers in Darwin and all surrounding areas in the NT.

Hannah offers dog training focusing on educating caregivers about the whole dog, their senses and body language to achieve the best outcome for dogs and humans. Her 1-2-1 behaviour modification and dog training programs are tailored to the dog’s needs and she will consider your dog’s learning experiences, analyse the many aspects of your dog’s external world, the environment and will deep dive into your dog’s genetics, because the DNA has designed your dog from the inside and out and should not be overlooked, as well as the unique interior world of our dogs, considering their overall health, development and age.

Furthermore, she offers small group classes for 4-6 dogs only, for puppies and adult dogs, focusing on communicating better with the dog to build a solid trust-based relationship. Pawsitive K9 Behaviour organizes monthly workshops and seminars in person as well as online, in addition to regular classes. These events allow dog caregivers to delve deeper into specific training, behaviour, and overall canine care topics, focusing on adequate exercise, mental stimulation and environmental enrichment to empower our dogs to make good choices in our human world. We use effective and enjoyable dog training methods that are science-based and empowering for the dog to learn.

Hannah’s passion for dogs and animals goes back to her childhood, growing up on an organic farm in Germany, she was always surrounded by dogs and lots of other animals. As a teenager she raised and trained horses. After travelling the world, she settled in Australia in 2009 the same year she got her own dog Neville. He played a huge part in her life. He also inspired her to start Pet Minding in 2011 with Top Dog Minders in Brisbane.

After travelling around Australia and ending up in Darwin, Hannah decided to turn her love and passion for dogs into her career. In 2014 she enrolled with the National Dog Trainer Federation (NDTF), Australia’s only, Government accredited, nationally recognised, dog trainer certification program.

Hannah also holds the following qualifications:

  • Certificate in “Animal Emotions – happier animals, better relationships”. ILLIS ABS (February 2017). 

  • Certificate in “Animal Training – Getting Behaviour”. ILLIS ABC. (September 2017).

  • Certificate in “Puppy Start Right for Instructors”. Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training & Behavior. (January 2018)

  • Certificate in “Advanced Animal Training”. ILIS ABC. (September 2018).

  • Certificate in “Canine Scentwork”. Canine Principles. (April 2019).

  • Reach more Paws – by All Dogs Are Good 10th June to 15th July 2019

  • Diploma in “Canine Communication”. Canine Principles (January 2020)

  • Certificate of Completion Master Course -Aggression in Dogs by Michael Shikashio CDBC Aggression in Dogs (August 2020)

  • Certificate of Completion – the puppy lab by the School of Canine Science (Feb 2021)

  • Certificate of Completion – Stress why worry? , Give a Dog a bone, Mind the Gab by Amber Batson
  • Zoopharmacognosy Diploma – Centre of Excellence
  • Certificate of Achievement L.E.G.S. Applied Ethology Family Dog Mediator (FDM). by Kim Brophey

  • Level 1, 2, 3 & currently undertaking level 4 with the Nordic Education Centre for Ethical Dog Trainers


  • Dog Bite Prevention & Behaviour Conference 2017 hosted by Victoria Stilwell.

  • Pet Professional Guilt Sydney Summit 2018 

  • Health and Harmony Dog Symposium 2018 & 2019 hosted by Jenny Golsby.

  • Annual Conference and AGM Pet Dog Trainers of Europe  2019, 2020, 2021

  • Aggression In Dog Conference 2020, 2021
  • 5-Day Dog Training Seminar in Norway 2023, hosted by Nordic Education Centre for Dog Trainers
  • Advanced Course – Expert Seminar in Norway 2023 hosted by Nordic Education Centre for Dog Trainers