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Private In-home training programs

Dog on the beach

Does your dog show any undesirable behaviours such as: 

  • Not listening to you

  • Pulling on the lead

  • Destructive behaviour

  • Digging

  • Excessive barking

  • Mouthing, nipping, biting and chewing

  • Easily excited

  • Jumping up

  • Scratching doors

  • Showing aggression towards people and dogs or around food

  • Separation anxiety

  • Bad toilet habits

  • Or any other bad habits? 

Then our private in-home training program is perfect for you! In our consultation we will find the root cause of your dogs behaviour problem and with a tailor made program, we will find the best solution for you and your canine. We will coach you in how to replace the bad habits with Pawsitive Behaviour’s and start training with your dog immediately.

Our consultations range from 1-2 hours and will cover the basics needed to get started on the right track with your dog. For owners wanting to gain more in-depth understanding about their dog we recommend our custom 3 or 5 hour program which includes multiple on-going training visits with you and your dog.

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